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Applications such as cable jackets, flexible cord insulations and appliance wires require materials that do not emit hazardous smoke or gas and are highly flame retardant. FREXON is specialized in flame retardant properties and is used in a wide variety of electronic products.
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FREXON products are special TPE grades that have maximized the flame retardant perfomance. They are eco-friendly productions that are free of halogen and comply to the RoHS)Restriction of hazardous Substances) standards.
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    Eliminating phthalates
    and halogenates
    Frexon grades are environmentally safe materials that do not contain phthalates or halogenates.
    Excellent flexibility
    Superb flexibility makes the material usable in home-appliances and various personal electronic devices.
    Strong performance in extreme temperatures
    It is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures from -40°C ~ 10°C, while meeting the requirements of UL94 V-0.
    High-use durability with good
    resistance to flex fatigue and staining
    It has good resistance to flex fatigue and staining, and can be used for a long time