Introducing our sport & leisure material.
Product & solution
This highly elastic material is a special polyolefin copolymer resin used in covers of golf balls. The polyolefin copolymer structure has been optimized to be used in golf ball applications and production can be customized to the customers’ request.
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Polyolefin copolymers made based on reactive extrusion technologies show outstanding materials. Tufion can be applied in golf balls, leisure equipment, cosmetic bottles, specialized and so on.
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    Superior elasticity and resilience & high C.O.R
    Polyolefin copalymer has excellent elasticity and coefficient of restitution. Its exceptional C.O.R. Maximizes driving distances.
    Outstanding cut and abrasion resistance
    Polyolefin copolymer have outstanding cut and abrasion resistance. This allows golf balls to be used for a long time without damage.
    Excellent impact endurance
    Excellent impact endurance allows the use of polyolefin copolymer in environments where there are many impacts such as golf.
    High melt flow and good processability
    Polyolefin copolymer have excellent melt-flow rates and can be easily used during golf ball injection molding.