Introducing our polyolefin yarn fiber / textile.
Product & solution
VISTOMER is a fiber/textile that can solve enviromenttal problems caused by harmful substances such as dioxins formed when using PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride). VISTOMER is non-toxic and free of heavy metals and phthalates, and compiles with various enviromental regulations.
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VISTOMER is a high-quality polyolefin yarn fiber product. VISTOMER has achieved both eco-friendliness and excellent performance. VISTOMER can be used mainly in fashion, shoes and in various applications of automobiles, electronics and consumer areas.
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Features >
    Excellent colorability and stability
    Excellent colorability and high UV stability enables use without discoloration or fading.
    Eliminating phthalates
    Vistomer is eco-friendly material that does not contain phthalates.
    Excellent flexibility
    Its excellent flexibility makes the material suitable for coating on blinds.